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Nursery Design Guide

It’s hard to decide which emotion carries more weight; the sheer exhilaration of creating your unborn baby’s room or the anxiety that comes with the buying decisions. Either way, decide beforehand to enjoy the process and remember you are not merely shopping, you are building memories.

Pregancy Timelin
Although you have up to eight months ahead of you- depending on where you are now on the pregnancy timeline, time really does fly. We advice that you do not leave decorating your baby’s nursery until the last minute. Besides alleviating an excessive amount of anxiety, giving yourself  plenty of time lends you the opportunity to discover your design style, assuming you’re at a loss at what you would like your nursery to look like. In addition, completing the nursery at least three months prior helps you ease into the role of motherhood and allows you the opportunity to ‘grow’ into your nursery. We encourage our mums to spend as much time in the nursery visualising and imagining life as a mum. A comfortable nursing chair will not only ease those backaches in the final months,  but singing and chatting to baby about their room helps you bond and begin motherhood before it officially begins! 
Superstitions and Traditions
Some people don’t believe on bringing home baby furniture until a certain phase in pregnancy had passed. For some it is the second trimester or even well into the third. You can still plan your entire nursery and place a deposit on large items, letting the store know about your intentions. Be very clear about the terms and conditions in case you change your mind about the furniture, that they would accommodate this change. Also make sure they would not be waiting for the balance before production begins if bespoke or before being ordered if it comes from a warehouse on another continent. If you will be using family heirlooms or passed down furniture make sure you refer to current safety standards.
Vintage Eight Bassinet

Vintage Eight Bassinet

As soon as you find out you are expecting (yippee!!) start gathering ideas from magazines and the internet. You don’t have to have a replica of whatever takes your fancy, but start to clip out pictures you feel drawn to. Pinterest is a very useful tool for this. The pictures can include fashion or home decor. Our style preferences tend to run across the board from interiors to fashion. This exercise will help to identify the nursery style that you will most enjoy. Use our colour guide to help you choose.
Get your creative juices flowing

Get your creative juices flowing

Measure your space
While there are tricks that can give a small room the illusion of space if the nursery is spatially challenged. Cots come in two sizes, 120 x 60cm and 140 x 70cm, which converts to a toddler bed. Smaller changing dressers and wall shelving help to maximise space. You don’t want to cram too much in as it takes away from the joy if you start bumping into things every time you turn around. Plus you want to make room for baby to crawl.
Start shopping
You are now armed to start shopping. Grab some paint swatches once you’ve used the colour guide to decide what to paint your nursery in. Don’t just go with he exact colours but pick shades lighter or darker, as well as hues in either side of the spectrum. You want to compare the swatches with your intended furniture to give you a fair idea of how it’ll look in the room.
You can start with an item you don’t want to part with, you don’t have to start with the large furniture. Cots should adhere to British safety standards, view our cots buying guide here.
Aim to get your nursery completed at lease 2 months before baby arrives, you won’t have so much energy in those final months and your focus will be on getting ready for the actual birth. Plus you don’t want yo put yourself under unnecessary pressure. Finally your baby may decide to make an early entrance so you want to be very well prepared.


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